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Just One – Christian and Isobel – Family photography in Northamptonshire


Today’s ‘Just One’ image is from this weekend’s family and children’s portrait shoot in Northamptonshire when I had the pleasure of visiting Caspar to photograph him and his lovely family.

We had the most wonderful day taking photographs and exploring Caspar’s beautiful garden. The children were such good fun and conversation ranged from schools and favourite holiday locations to books and boxing.

I’ve just begun to process the pictures but I knew I would immediately be looking for this image as a possible ‘Just One’ image for the blog. It was one of those moments when everything fell into place. We had been out with the boat on one side of the lake (more of that in a later blog post, I promise) when we noticed that it was absolutely and completely still. The lake was like a mirror – something I’ve only seen before in the Highlands of Scotland and on my trip to the Arctic. Moments like this I find really magical – it’s like time has stopped.

And what’s the best thing to add into a magical landscape? Two smiling children, of course. We sent them rushing round hoping that the wind wouldn’t pick up before they got there and loose the reflection but no, it stayed flat and calm, and here is the resulting image.

I love this image with its absolute stillness and also the big grins on the children’s faces. The texture and light of the plants (which always make me think of Giant Hogweed – I know, I’m revealing my fondness for early Genesis albums), and also the shapes – the big circular leaves, the vertical reeds, the horizontal stripes of Christian’s jumper – it all fits and brings the image together. A minute later and the wind picked up and the moment was lost. This is the joy of photography!

I do hope you like this ‘Just One’ image from our children’s and family photo shoot in Northampton. I’m absolutely thrilled with it.

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