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Just One – family and children’s portrait photography in South Kensington, London


A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, the words are ‘Luke, I am your father…’ !

I do love a bit of Star Wars-themed action on a photo shoot, and our family portrait session with the wonderful Oscar was full of discussion of the relative merits of the different films and also of the various Lego models based on the franchise. It was the perfect way to spend a morning in South Kensington – with my camera in hand, a beautiful family to photograph, and lots of discussion about one of my favourite films. Oscar was a big fan of Episode IV: A New Hope, which is unusual in one so young (so often bewitched by Jar Jar Binks). Oscar must be a true Jedi.

I knew that this picture, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, would be a favourite as soon as I took it. After a fabulous time taking family photographs in the nearby garden square in South Kensington, we returned home for some snacks and a few indoor pictures. I love taking pictures both indoors and outdoors on a photo shoot as this adds such a lovely variety to the pictures and captures such different moods.

I was struck immediately by the beautiful window in the dining room and I thought it would make a fabulous setting for a picture of Oscar. As he capered about on the window sill, his father Nicholas joined him, chatting and laughing with his son. When Oscar jumped down and grabbed his Darth Vadar mask, I knew I had a cracker of a shot in the making. As he jumped up to the window sill and turned, laughing to his Dad, I clicked the shutter. Within seconds, the mask was back off and we were moving on, but I had it – a fantastic shot that made me laugh out loud and which I hope you will enjoy too. It’s a perfect memory for a Star Wars-crazy young Jedi on our recent family photography session in South Kensington.

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