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Family Photographer Fulham – Sneak Peek


I first met Rosie back in 2015, we took some baby and family photographs in London and had the most amazing time. One of the most beautiful babies I have ever photographed we had a brilliant session, relaxed, fun and full of wonderful pictures – you can see some from our previous baby and family photography session. I was so thrilled when we arranged a date for another photo shoot and even more so when I heard that Rosie’s younger brother Jack would be joining us. It’s something I love so much, seeing families again, meeting younger siblings and watching children grow up.

We met in Fulham for our family photo shoot and had an amazing morning, out at the park and then back at the house, enjoying the options that a hot day gave us to run around, eat ice cream and play with a hose and bucket of water – the old games are definitely the best games. There are so many wonderful pictures from the day – it’s been really hard to select a single image for my sneak peek – so I ended up with two, they fit together so well.

I’ll often work around an image, finding the action and then photographing it from different angles, close-up and further away to provide variety in the pictures and also context and story in my clients albums. This game works so well both in close up and also as a wider shot and the two together tell us the story.

Looking first at the close up image – this picture made me laugh out loud and so beat many others to be featured on the blog today. I love the children’s expressions, so full of joy as they sing with their parents. Now, looking back, I can’t remember what we were singing but we were certainly enjoying ourselves!

I always love a picture that has a bit of action, something going on, where you can feel the excitement especially one that really captures the fun of the children’s personalities and these two were certainly so much fun!

I love how you can see just how high they are stretching, Jack arms right up, trying to lift them as high as his sister. I love how his two tiny teeth really indicate how little he still is and his smile, like Rosie’s, can light up a room.

I then wanted to share a wider crop too; a different moment in the same game as there’s something delightful about seeing the difference in size of the two children. I love how, in this wider shot we see Jacks little legs, almost out horizontally in front of him he’s so excited while Rosie’s tiny toes reach down to the seat of the bench. I love how you can tell that excitement is rising and she’s almost ready to leap up and out of the picture and on to the next game.

I love them both and I hope you will too, today’s sneak peek from our recent family photography session in Fulham.

If you are interested in planning a session for your own family this summer then do get in touch, dates are booking up but I do have some availability remaining and it would be lovely to meet you and your family

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