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Family Photographer Greenwich – Just One – Linda


This was my eighth family photography session with Linda and her children and I was thrilled when she chose Greenwich as our location for this years portraits. Over the years we have taken pictures of the children all over London – from the family home in Kensington to climbing trees on the wilds of Wimbledon Common. This year we thought we would do something different and visit a different park, a park that would be new for the family but which is an absolute favourite of mine from my childhood in Blackheath – Greenwich Park, the best park in London!

This picture is an absolute favourite from a family photography session that is full of really great pictures. I’m so excited to share them soon. We had such a great time; the children are such fun and so interesting to chat to with so much to say. I loved hearing about violin camp and the school photo competition, about holidays in incredible places and, as always, about the best books they have been reading recently.

This picture caught my eye; I’m so thrilled with it. I love everything about it, the majesty and uniformity of the columns and how they are all perfectly placed and how I managed t get everything lined up perfectly – sometimes as a photographer I just have to pat myself on the back, particularly if I have got all my verticals straight!

Most of all though I love the children, chilled out but formal, they echo the columns in their straight angle to the camera. The three younger children perfectly straight on and the oldest boy, Tim, leaning casually to the side, cool and confident with his younger siblings.

It’s a picture that really makes me smile. I do hope you like it, today’s just one, a family photograph from Greenwich in South London.

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