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Just One – family photographer in Holland Park, London


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is from my third and most recent shoot with the lovely Megumi and her family in Holland Park, one of my favourite locations for photography in London.

We visited Holland Park for our first shoot back in 2011 and it was great fun to return with the family. I love visiting parks as you never do the same thing twice, it’s always different each time I visit – the light is different, different areas catch my eye, and the children have different favourite places and different games that they like to play. I love that this keeps my pictures fresh on each and every family photography session.

We had a great time, with the children showing me their favourite places and playing their favourite games. As always, the peacocks and pigeons were equally entertaining and the fish in the Japanese garden never fail to impress. It was great fun.

The picture that caught my eye for today’s ‘Just One’ preview was taken as the children were playing by one of the wonderful sculptures that Holland Park has in its grounds. It’s an incredible piece of sculpture and I immediately saw an opportunity for a fantastic shot as the children ran around it and looked through the middle. I love the expressions of pure delight on the children’s faces as they laugh up at the camera, and how the lines of the bronze lead our eye in and give the image a wonderful symmetry. The composition is made even better by the two older children flanking their gleeful younger brother, and everyone’s wonderful toothy smiles echoed by the grooves in the sculpture.

Everything has come together to create a really special picture of the siblings together and I am thrilled with this shot. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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