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Just One – family photography in Chiswick, South London


The May half-term break seems to have been dominated by bad weather this year, but it’s also been a week of simply fabulous photography sessions. I’ve had such a great time and the pictures from each and every shoot are looking wonderful. I’m also very pleased to say that, on every shoot, we’ve managed to get outdoors and avoid the downpours for at least part of each session. I love how children are waterproof!

For the family photo shoot featured in today’s blog post, we visited Chiswick House in South London midway through the session. The rain had abated and it was beginning to brighten-up when I took this picture, a real favourite from our morning together.

Sophie and Jared were walking towards the playground and as they moved into a beautiful patch of light, I called out for them to stop and, scooping Sophie up, Jared turned round and they both smiled at me. I thought this was incredible – who needs to go to the gym when you have a seven year old to weight lift?

I love the expressions on their faces – so happy and proud, Daddy and daughter together. I love that it’s such an unusual pose – clearly something that they do a lot, but not something I’ve ever seen before. Sophie must feel like she’s flying up there! I love how the angles make for such a simple yet strong composition, and how the trees provide a natural vignette to the subject.

It’s a picture that I knew would be a gem the moment I pressed the shutter and I hope you enjoy it too, today’s ‘Just One‘ preview image from our recent family photo shoot in Chiswick, South London.

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