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Family Photography in Denmark Hill – I Love Action Shots


I love action shots and I love this shot, today’s ‘Just One’ from my recent family photography session in Denmark Hill.

When the summer arrives my instinct is often to head outdoors straight away, and I love a run in the park as much as the next photographer – the fresh air, trees to climb, places to explore, I love it all. But I also love shooting indoors and that is less usual among family photographers. Photographing in my clients homes is really special – these rooms will have memories for the family and games such as this are sure to be remembered as the children grow older. It’s nice to do part of a session indoors even on the brightest of days.

We had the most wonderful morning for our photo shoot. I arrived bright and early to find everyone just finishing breakfast and looking forward to our outing to Dulwich Park to take family photographs. Max was immediately fascinated by the camera, and I knew we would have a great time as he smiled happily at the lens. Baby Danny was so cute, deciding that a short snooze in the car was a sensible option before we explored the world outside.

We had a brilliant time taking family photographs at Dulwich Park and I will share some images soon, but today I want to talk about this image that we took right at the end of the session back at the house. We decided mid-morning to head home as it’s often lovely to get some pictures of babies indoors. It’s still damp underfoot and little ones do love to eat grass, leaves, mud, anything that is to hand. Baby Danny wasn’t sitting up yet and so, for him, I thought we would get our best portraits indoors (and get them we did!).

We took some photographs in the living room and in Max’s bedroom before heading upstairs for some final family photographs. Sometimes it’s the very last shots that are the very best and when I discovered that being thrown onto the bed was Max’s favourite game I knew that I was in a position to capture something really special. Bringing Polina and Danny into the shot to make it a family picture I took a number of frames. This is my absolute favourite.

I love how Max is suspended mid air, laughing happily and his hands lifted up mirror his dad’s at the top of the frame, both beautifully backlit providing definition from the white bedroom walls. You can feel the energy – it sparkles through the image from Lev’s out-stretched hands at the top, to Max in the air and Polina and Danny laughing up at them both, a happy family. It all works.

I do hope you like this pictures as much as I do – today’s Just One from my recent baby, child and family photography session in Denmark Hill, South London SE5.

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