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Family Photography in Dulwich Woods – Just One


Regular readers will, I am sure, recognise many of my favourite clients; families I see again and again as the years go by. I always love these sessions with families who have become friends and I look forward to them each year. This is always the case with my family photo shoots with Mette and Gareth and their two beautiful children.

This years’ session took place at their home in Herne Hill in South London and at nearby Dulwich Woods which I hadn’t visited for a long time (in fact, I didn’t think I had visited it until we got there and I recognised it from a previous session with another family). I love that I get to visit so many different bits of Lodnon and explore so many great parks and outdoor spaces. As a child in Blackheath my stomping ground was Greenwich Park and Oxleas Woods, I hadn’t realised there were so many great places just a few miles to the west.

Starting our day with blueberry pancakes and home made smoothies put the children (and the photographer) in excellent moods and feeling ready to take over the world. We headed out to the woods really excited as to what the morning would bring. We had a brilliant time exploring and playing games, finding dragons in among the fallen trees and running some fantastic races, overtaking the real runners out for their morning jogs (although as I did explain to the children they are probably running much, much, further even if they weren’t going super fast).

This picture caught my eye as soon as I began to download the images. I love its simplicity and the lovely feel it has, a wonderful portrait of these two fabulous children. Often I share images that are wider compositions, pictures that take in the environment and make use of architecture and landscape. It’s nice to share an image that is all about the faces, the expression and interaction.

Stunning light in a small clearing provided the setting and a fallen tree trunk the fairy throne for the children to sit on. Whispering to his sister Jacob turned to her, lips just brushing her cheek as he snuggles in close. It’s such a lovely moment and I feel it really shows that love for an older sibling – friendship, a little bit of hero worship (although don’t tell my big brothers that), and love. And then we have Karoline, looking to the camera, in collaboration with me to make this stunning portrait.

I love it and I hope you will too, today’s just one from my recent children’s portrait photography and family photography session in Herne Hill and Dulwich in South London.

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