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Family Photography with Four Boys in Kensington London – Just One


It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks and the blog has been a little neglected as I have run the length and breadth of the country photographing children as well as attending some fantastic photographic workshops to improve my own work and looking after my mum as she begins to recover from a hip replacement under the incredible care of the doctors and nurses at Kings College Hospital in London. But I’m back today and with a fantastic picture to share from a recent family photography session in Kensington.

This was my fourth shoot with Marina and her wonderful family and it was great to visit them again at their Kensington home and then head out to Kensington Gardens to take photographs of the children – four boys – and lots of family shots. We had a great morning and I’m so thrilled with the pictures. The boys are all such great fun to photograph and I loved meeting baby David for the first time – he’s just as photogenic as his big brothers and had a brilliant time playing with his family. He particularly loved being thrown in the air and I have some lovely action shots I will share in due course.

For the blog today though I thought I would share a family group shot, as these are always a fun challenge with lots of children. This picture was taken towards the end of our family photo shoot after we had ranged far and wide exploring different areas of Kensington gardens. We thought we would stop in one last location to have a play and it was a great spot for some group shots before we headed home to lunch.

I love the triangular composition of this image and how everyone’s expressions are so individual – relaxed and happy but with not a ‘cheese’ grin in sight. The light was stunning under the trees and provided beautiful modeling on everyone’s faces, it really was a photographers dream situation for pictures like this.

When I photograph children and families I always start with a few group shots as I never know how the morning will go but it’s often the pictures towards the end of the session that are the most beautiful, when everyone is relaxed in front of the camera and we get lovely natural photographs which really reflect each individual family member.

I hope you like this picture as much as I do, today’s just one from our recent family photography session in Kensington. If you are interested in arranging a family photography session for your family over the summer or in the autumn then do get in touch as soon as you can as I’m getting very booked up and it would be lovely to get you in the diary before it becomes full.

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