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Just One – family photography at Fulham Palace, South West London


I’m so thrilled to be able to share this family photograph taken before Stella and Thomas’ joint birthday party at Fulham Palace in South West London recently. At Stella’s second birthday party last year (which you can see a few photos from here), there was the added excitement and anticipation of baby Thomas being due to be born within a few weeks so it was particularly wonderful to be invited back for a joint party to celebrate Thomas’ birthday this year too.

The children had a fantastic party (of which there will be more to follow on the blog soon) – it was such a fun-filled event with all their friends and family, with a wonderful clown and not least the most incredible biscuits and cakes, just delicious…

The picture that caught my eye first though, and which I wanted to share for today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, is a family photograph taken before the party started. When photographing children’s birthday parties, I love to take some family shots and portraits before the main event starts – pictures that capture all the excitement before the children have their faces painted and the fun of the party takes over.

This photograph was taken in the park at Fulham Palace, which is such a beautiful spot for portraits and the lovely foliage gives a fantastic backdrop to this shot – it’s simple and clutter free, and yet with some added interest, which just what I look for when taking family pictures.

I also absolutely love the expressions on this photograph, with everyone having so much fun and with each personality shining through. Stella is laughing away, so happy being tickled by her daddy and Carlos, so joyful, proud of his beautiful family. Jennifer, so beautiful, looking up at baby Thomas with such a smile of happiness on her face and Thomas looking over at his sister, clearly thinking she is the best person in the world – his adoration of his big sister so clear.

I love this family photograph and I hope that you will too, today’s ‘Just One’ preview from our children’s birthday party shoot in Fulham Palace, South West London.

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