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Family Photography in Highgate, North London – Just One


I’ve had a run of incredibly cute toddlers and babies to photograph recently and also a run of shoots that have been close to my home in North London. This was my second family photography session in Highgate within a fortnight, it’s lovely to have such a short journey to work and to be able to use some of North London’s fantastic parks, perfect locations for family photo shoots (admittedly the day before I was in the Cotswolds, but variety is good too).

I’d been really looking forward to meeting Malek as she is a friend of one of my other lovely clients. Word of mouth is such a wonderful way to meet new people and I am very lucky that my clients spread the word when they are happy with their pictures. It’s particularly lovely for me when clients come through word of mouth as I know I will be meeting really lovely people and I was in for a treat with Malek’s two wonderful girls, they were such a pleasure to photograph.

We started our shoot at home with a few pictures of the girls together, playing on their parent’s bed. This is a lovely way to start a session and, particularly when photographing a baby who hasn’t yet learnt to sit independently, the bed is a great spot for photos. Manon was able to roll around happily enjoying a game of ‘row, row, row the boat’ with her older sister. It’s always lovely to see the dynamic between siblings and the girls played so well together, Manon clearly thinking her older sister is the best person in the world and Lea so keen to look after her little sister and so good at making her laugh.

After some time playing at home we headed outside to nearby Waterlow Park in Highgate which is a fantastic spot for family portraits and a place that I’ve only recently discovered. It offers so many different areas and we had a brilliant time playing on the swings and the balancing bridge.

It was this shot from the beginning of our session that caught my eye for my Just One. I love the closeness of the sisters and the happy expressions on their faces; looking up at their parents and laughing. I can imagine similar expressions in the future as they play games together and get into mischief as they grow up ‘who, us? But look how sweet and innocent we are, of course we haven’t eaten all the cookies’. It’s such a sweet picture and I hope you like it as much as I do, today’s Just One from my recent family photography session in Highgate in North London.

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