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A Sneak Peek from a Recent Family Session in Bayswater

Family life is wonderful. Each day when I visit families with my camera I get to document wonderful moments that show personalities and relationships and the day to day joy of family life. I had an amazing time on this recent family photography session in Bayswater and I’m thrilled to share a sneak preview with you today.

I’m often asked what drew me to photographing families and it’s the sense of the unexpected that calls me back again and again. I never know what my day will bring, even for families I’ve photographed dozens of times before, it’s always different, always unique.

When I meet new families, as I did for this family photo shoot in Bayswater in West London, then it’s a completely blank slate. I have no idea what to expect and that’s such brilliant fun.

We had the most amazing time together, two small boys full of energy and excitement for a morning of playing and photos. We headed out to the park first thing to enjoy the day before the crowds arrived. Climbing on trees, playing with sticks and running around, it was such great fun. I do enjoy photographing young children who are so oblivious to the camera, getting on with the important tasks of finding the Gruffalo or the biggest stick in the forest, they don’t pay any attention to the act of being photographed. My job is to work around the games to create beautiful photographs that show them at their wonderful best. It’s a challenge and it’s brilliant.

We headed home when the boys got tired and lunch was calling. I knew a change of scene would get us an extra twenty minutes or so of photographs and it was worth every moment. I will often do the majority of a session outdoors and then some more inside at the end of the morning, it’s lovely to include the family home in pictures and children get a second wind when we mix things up a bit.

This shot, today’s Just One, was taken right at the end of the session, when we were back at home. It was a stunning house, full of natural light and an absolute joy to work in. The main living area, part adult sitting room, part children’s play room, was incredible, a family room at it’s absolute best.

As the parents sat down to rest after a busy morning of running around, the children had a brilliant time bouncing on the sofa. I was immediately drawn to this picture as I love the energy of the little boy and the wonderful expressions on his parents faces as they look at each other with such happy smiles. It seems to sum up family life – always something going on, so full of energy and laughter, and with everything held together by love, what more could I look for in a photograph?

I hope you like this picture from a recent family photography session in Bayswater, if you are keen to get your family photographed this autumn then do get in touch, there are a few weekend sessions still available before our Christmas cut off dates but they are booking up fast.