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Family Photography in Holland Park – Just One – Playing a Line Out


An action shot on the blog today and one that I love from a recent family photography session in Holland Park. I love pictures like this that capture a moment and particularly pictures that show something that is clearly a favourite family game. It would never have crossed my mind to ask the boys to play a line out yet, what a fantastic photograph it makes. I love working with the action as it unfolds before me, reacting quickly to ensure that I capture just the right moment in a photograph that I know the boys will treasure as they grow up.

We spent a brilliant morning in Holland Park, up and out nice and early we had the park almost entirely to ourselves. It’s great being out in the lovely early morning light at this time of year, enjoying the autumn before the cold winter days close in. I love how the children enjoy being outside and the energy with which they embrace all activities, running around and having such fun while I take photographs.

I’ve got so many lovely shots from our photo shoot but this was the one that caught my eye for todays ‘Just One’ as it’s such a perfect moment. I love how this picture is completely cemented in time and how it will, I am sure, remind the boys not just of the hours spent playing in the park but also of the summer of the 2015 rugby world cup which they had been enjoying so much. For Hari, this picture will remind him of the day he went to a world cup match with his dad, a treat that I’m sure he will remember for a very long time. How exciting to experience such an incredibly sporting moment while still so young.

It’s a picture about a time and about a place and about a family, a game they play and the joy of hanging out at the park, father and sons. I hope that as the boys get older they will love to look back on this picture and maybe one day, far in the future, they will play this same game with their own children and maybe get a picture of that too.

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