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Beautiful Architecture for a Creative Family Photo

Family photography in Potters Bar on the blog today, a wonderful session that has so many wonderful pictures it’s been very hard indeed to pick a favourite. This was my second photo shoot with the family and it was such fun to see them again, I love returning to clients, seeing how the children have grown up and finding out all the things they are interested in and love to do.

We had the most wonderful morning. Arriving nice and early I was greeted with excellent coffee and good weather which is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. There had been a lot of building work since I last visited so I was keen to see what was new, and how I would be able to incorporate it into my family photography in Potters Bar.

We started by exploring the gardens, seeing the camp the children had built in the woods and racing around with the dogs. I love having pets involved in sessions, they add such a fun element of unpredictability and nobody can fail to have a good time when playing with their dogs.

I had such fond memories of our last session as the children were such a delight and I was thrilled that we had an equally good time on this family photo shoot in Potters Bar, laughing together as we explored, and they showed me their wonderful home.

During my sessions I love to take a wide variety of images, from portraits of individual children, to action shots that are completely unposed and shot in a documentary fashion, to pictures that really incorporate the environment. I love images that really make a feature of the location as these are my client’s homes and places that are important to them. The house itself will have memories attached. As well all think back to our childhood homes there will be so much that will bring memories flooding back – think about it, the colour of the kitchen walls, the table where you ate your lunch as a child, your bedroom, the sofa where the family snuggled together to watch tv, everything has memories, the place as much as the people.

I like to bring these places into my pictures, particularly if they are wonderful feats of architecture in their own right. When I saw these stairs, I knew I would want a picture using them.

Running quickly from the bottom to the top I had a look at the different options, shooting up, shooting down, what would give me the most interesting approach? I decided on this one as I love the shape the stairs make, both the spiral itself but also the move between the different tones of floorboards on the landings and the white stairs themselves. It looks like the shape of an eye, a beautiful piece of design that reminded me of the wing mirrors of the stunning sports car parked outside and seems to sum up the children’s place in the world – in the apple of their parents eye.

The light, the angles, the contrasting tones, the spiral of the staircase, and the bannister rail all lead our eye to the centre of the image where the kids were lying laughing together. As I took pictures they laughed and joked together, and the result is this beautiful, creative family picture that I hope you will like as much as I do.

If you would like to have family photographs in Potters Bar or elsewhere in Hertfordshire then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. To discover more, do check out my website where you can read about my family photography, my photography with teenagers and older children, you can review my prices and read recent press coverage. I hope you like what you see and I hope to meet you and your family soon.