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Family photography in Surrey – Just One – Thomas


I was drawn to the light in this image and thought it would make a lovely just one from my recent children and family photography in Surrey. This was my twelfth shoot with Jennifer and her wonderful family, and I’d been looking forward to the session for months. We always have such a brilliant time.

Over the years, we have explored so many different places in London on photo shoots. We’ve been to so many lovely parks from Regent’s Park and Holland Park to Kew and Fulham Palace. We’re always exploring and finding new places to take our family photographs.

The children are always such fun to photograph. They know me well now and are always eager to get a game going. We had a brilliant time on our photo shoot, exploring the gardens, running around, looking at the flowers and examining the building (mostly the wrought iron gates – who doesn’t enjoy a good gate?)

This picture was taken towards the end of the session at the edge of one of the stunning courtyards. Thomas had been lifted up to look out the window and I knew as soon as I saw this incredible light that it would make a really dramatic picture. I love how it wraps around him showing all the details of his little hands and his beautiful profile.

I love that the image is very graphic, with the three strips of light divided by the decorative window panes. It gives a really interesting feel to the image. It’s all about lines and shapes, everything straight and graphic. This provides a wonderful contrast to the softness of the light on Thomas’s little cheeks, his soft hands and even the drape of the wool on his jumper. It’s a fantastic contrast.

The faded graffiti anchors this picture in the present, but I still think the scene is timeless and universal, a small boy looking out at the action outside. I can imagine children having done that for generations. I’m sure they’ll continue to do so for generations to come. A timeless image and one I love, today’s just one from our children and family photography session in Surrey.

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