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Just One – Flossie – family photography in Islington, North London


I knew when I took this image that I was going to love it, and I’m so pleased to be sharing it as today’s Just One preview from my recent family photography session in Islington, North London.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather these last few weeks and while an overcast sky is wonderful for photography with its flattering light, I do have a soft spot for bright sun – not least because it brings out the happiness in everyone. London in the summer is just wonderful, with everyone enjoying themselves and in a good mood – perfect for happy family photographs.

However, bright sun needs careful treatment, particularly when photographing toddlers who tend to be a law unto themselves, altering their space of play or activity of interest in seconds. It keeps me on my toes, and is always fun!

Using areas of soft shade can work brilliantly to provide lovely light with great catch lights in the eyes and flattering tones to the subject, and that’s what I used here to take this beautiful portrait of Flossie laughing as her Daddy threw her high in the air.

It’s clearly a favourite game and I love Flossie’s expression, which is so full of joy – it’s a picture that makes me smile. I also love her awesome boots – a fashion statement I bet she will love when she looks at this picture in years to come, she’s such a stylish dresser at such a young age.

I hope you enjoy this picture too, today’s Just One from my children and family photography shoot in Islington, north London.

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