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Family Photography Kensington – Just One


Some photo shoots will always be particularly important to me – clients who I have known a long time or with whom I have a special bond. This shoot was one of those; I was so over the moon when it was booked in the diary and, well, even writing this I’m almost bursting with happiness when I think of it.

I first met Sarah, Archie and Hannah back in 2004 when I had just started my photography business. We did a few different shoots back then and I got to know them well as they lived so close to my brother and sister-in-law and were great friends of the family. Then we lost touch, the years went by until Sarah got in touch in 2015 to arrange a photo shoot for her dear friend Trevor and his wonderful daughters, it was a brilliant shoot, we had a fantastic time.

So when Sarah asked if I could visit again, to celebrate with the family after her marriage to Trevor, to see the girls again after a year, to see Archie and Hannah again after thirteen years and to meet Hannah’s baby daughter, well, I was over the moon. It was the best news ever.

Family photography is about relationships, these connections between family members – seeing these two families come together to form one, so happy together was incredible. Photographing people who are so blissfully happy, particularly when they are so special to me, well, it’s an amazing thing and I am so lucky to have these opportunities to share some of these special moments with my clients.

It’s been hard to pick a Just One but I think Sarah will love this one – she loved some of the pictures I had taken of Trevor and the girls at the folly in Kensington Gardens on our last shoot and we thought it would be fun to develop the idea this time around. I love how it worked out.

I love how each element has such personality – cool teenagers on the right, super cool happy mummy Hannah on the left and uncle Archie with baby Amity having fun and, I bet, thinking about all the mischief they can get up to together as Amity grows. And then in the middle, Sarah and Trevor, with eyes only for each other and that look of blissful happiness on their faces.

I’m so happy for you all and so pleased that I could share this special day with you. Sarah and Trevor – huge congratulations on your marriage and I wish you and your wonderful family all the happiness in the world for your lives together xx.

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