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Family Photography with a Newborn in Gerrards Cross


I was so thrilled to visit Debbie and her family in Gerrards Cross recently to photograph her beautiful newborn baby and her hilarious and fun loving older children in a relaxed and joyful family photography session. A friend and fellow photographer had given Debbie my name and it’s always so lovely to be recommended, I knew I was going to have a great time.

I arrived bright and early as it’s always great to get the children when they are well rested and full of energy. As the little one was feeding when I arrived I started my day with the older children photographing them playing in the garden. We had such a great time, playing games and running around and I loved watching Aidan’s Ninja Turtle Skills and seeing Stella’s amazingly drawn book that told the story of her future wedding. It was the kind of wonderful piece of artwork that I’m sure her parents will keep forever, and, should she marry her childhood sweetheart Tom then it will make for the best wedding prop ever! I love how children are so keen to invite me into their lives, to show me their toys, to introduce me to their games and to make me feel one of the family as we play.

Looking through the pictures there are just so many photographs that I love which makes it incredibly hard to choose a favourite for a sneak preview. Each child is so full of individuality that in the end I have decided to share a family portrait that I feel really shows the love of this wonderful family.

This was taken right at the end of the session and I love how often those last few shots are often some of my favourites – everyone is so relaxed in front of the camera. We had gone outside with just the baby, letting the older children chill out for a bit, but, always keen to be in on the action they ran out to join us, jumping into their daddy’s arms for this lovely family group hug. I love how happy everyone looks and how serene the little one is, snoozy and snuggly in their mummy’s arms as madness and mayhem erupts around them.

I hope you like this picture as much as I do and I look forward to sharing some more images on the blog soon.

In the meantime if you are thinking of booking your family in for a portrait shoot this autumn then do get in touch, at this time of year I get very booked up so it would be great to hear from you soon.

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