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Just One – family photography in Victoria Park, East London


I had never visited Victoria Park in East London before Dan asked me to meet him there for our family photo shoot with his two children – I can’t quite believe how such a wonderful park had managed to stay below my radar for so long. I am so thrilled to have found it, as it was an incredible place for children’s photography.

We met lovely and early on a Sunday morning for our photo shoot and we had a great time together. An unpromising start (it was pouring with rain when we all arrived) was soon forgotten as almost as soon as my cameras were out of the bag, the weather began to clear and we had a great morning with lovely soft, overcast light and – the benefit of a drizzly day – pretty much the whole park to ourselves.

The children showed me all around the park and introduced me to their favourite areas – I was incredibly impressed by the two (yes, TWO) adventure playgrounds, the beautiful avenues of trees, the delightful bridges, picturesque pagoda, the list goes on… Victoria Park reminded me of Battersea Park in South London, another favourite of mine, due to the sheer variety of different options available to us.

This picture, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image, was from early in our shoot on one of the most lovely bridges. I love the ironwork with its fabulous shapes and I chose to soften this by adding some foreground interest to the picture by shooting through some foliage. This really helps the eye focus on the family group, and I feel works really well.

I hope you will like this pictures as much as I do – todays’s Just One from our family shoot in Victoria Park. I can’t wait to go back again.

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