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Family Photography in Warwick Avenue W9 – Just One


It was with great pleasure that I travelled to Warwick Avenue in West London at the weekend for my second family photo shoot with the beautiful Antonia. We had first met this time last year when we spent a wonderful morning taking pictures and so I was thrilled to get the call to book in our annual photo shoot. It’s the best bit of my job – photographing families year on year and seeing how the children grow.

The first few years definitely see the biggest changes and the tiny baby who last year hadn’t learnt to crawl was now an incredibly articulate toddler, keen to play, to introduce me to her toys and to have her picture taken. The wonderful smile was the same though and I had a brilliant time.

This picture, today’s Just One, caught my eye due to Antonia’s wonderful engaged expression, completely absorbed in the music she is playing and, hilariously, just a moment late she summoned her father to turn the page of the music – a complex looking piece on the music stand. It’s so funny how little ones mimic the actions of the adults around them.

I love how we can see Antonia’s reflection in the polished wood of the beautiful grand piano, the different viewpoint showing anew the intensity of the expression as she plays. I wonder if she will play the piano as an adult, if so, I bet this will be a picture that will be cherished.

It’s always fascinating to see what activities children choose to do when I’m photographing them in their own home, the things that really engage them. It varies so much from child to child and changes over the years. It’s a real joy to be able to record some of their favourite things in pictures that can be enjoyed over the years and will bring back memories as the children grow up.

If you would like to arrange a family photography session in Warwick Avenue or elsewhere in London then do get in touch, I’m now taking bookings for the Spring.

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