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Jumping into the Week – Pure Joy in a Child Portrait

Some shoots are pure joy from start to finish and that has been the case every time I have photographed Elsa from when I first met her when she was only a few days old. We’ve always had such a brilliant time, photographing in the family home in Winchmore Hill and out and about at local parks.  Our most recent shoot was no exception and Elsa and her brother Freddie were such great subjects it’s been hard to choose a single image for my ‘Just One’.

I love this shot though and it sums up our amazing day, Elsa jumping for joy in her beautiful bedroom with the amazing rainbow balloon arch from her birthday framing the image and drawing our eye perfectly to Elsa, the subject of the picture.

We had such a great time, heading out to the park to start with and then coming home for some indoor pictures towards the end of the session.  The weather is so unpredictable this year, we’ve had some cold days and then weekends like this last one which feel like high summer.  It’s quite hard to know how the day will go and how we will divide up outdoor and indoor pictures.  But I usually like to mix up the locations as that gives maximum variety to the pictures and also keeps things interesting for the children.

I also think indoor pictures are so important for the children long-term.  They will have so many memories of their homes and all the things in it. Favourite teddies in the background and pictures on the wall – these things become distant as we grow up and to have pictures which remind us of beloved playfellows is a really lovely thing.

Indoors we can have so much fun, so much of the children’s world is inside it’s lovely to record it in pictures.  Have a think about your child’s favourite things – their toys, their books, the games they like to play and we can incorporate those into your photo shoot resulting in pictures that you, and they, will treasure for years to come.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this sneak peek from a recent family photography session in Winchmore Hill. To find out more about my Family Photography and my Children’s Portraits then do visit the website.