Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family Photography in North London Wood


Using light, shade and the environment to create a unique family photograph

I’ve always loved silhouettes and so I’m thrilled with this image from a recent family photography session in London where I made use of the different areas of light and shadow to produce a dramatic image.

I was thrilled when Shaima contacted me to book a session before her family leave London, she was keen to capture memories for her children that they can look back on from their new home.  It’s such a wonderful gift to give to the little ones, pictures that will transport them back to where they used to live, to places they visited and things they used to do.

The wild woods of North London created the perfect backdrop for our session. I always feel that old woodland is one of the best locations for family photography as it has all the entertainment of a playground (things to climb on, jump off, and clamber over) but in a much more beautiful and picturesque setting.  Dense foliage is so much more appealing to the eye than brightly coloured play equipment and crowds of buggies parked in every corner.

We had the most wonderful time and the children were incredible even in the intense heat this week. Armed with water bottles and honey sandwiches we set out to explore like characters in the Enid Blyton books of my childhood – it’s so long since I’ve had a honey sandwich and yet I ate them all the time when I was little.

The children loved to explore and particularly to climb the trees where they vied for the top spot getting just high enough to need help getting down.  It’s wonderful to see the sense of adventure in the little ones, exploring, pushing their limits, safe in the knowledge of an adult close at hand to help guide them back down.

This picture jumped out at me as I love the sense of peacefulness about it.  The feeling of setting out to new adventures which is so appropriate to the family’s imminent move abroad.  I know the children are going to have such a wonderful time in their new home – indeed they were so excited to tell me about the play equipment they have planned for the garden, their new bedrooms, and all the other things they are looking forward to.

I’m thrilled that they will have images like this to remind them of their time in London and to look back on as adults to relive this bit of their childhood.  It’s what family photography is all about, memories for the future that can be enjoyed for years to come.

I hope you like todays sneak peek.  If you are planning on having your family photographed this summer then do get in touch, I’m getting very booked up for August but will do my best to fit you in. It’s a wonderful time of year for photography and I’d love to meet you.