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Family Photojournalism in Greenwich, South London


I think we all know what is going to happen next… Pictures like this, which capture a moment, tend to be some of my absolute favourites from a family photography session and I love this picture of Jack in Geenwich Park in South East London.

It’s one of those images that produces an almost physical reaction, we all flinch slightly as we know he’s not going to catch that football. But we know it’s going to be fine, the hand on the left hand side shows us that it’s been thrown softly and from close by. Without the hand it might be a rather different image and these are the things that as a photographer I have to concentrate on, what will make an image, what to crop out and what to keep in.

Because of the inclusion of the hand throwing the ball we can concentrate on the humour, on that absolutely amazing expression of concentration as Jack tries to hard to catch the ball, but with eyes screwed tightly shut, misses the moment altogether and will soon be giving it an unplanned header.

Images like this tell us so much about childhood, remind us of all that we have learnt, from those early days of hand to eye co-ordination to teenage years of expert football skills (Jack and his brother have some pretty incredible football skills already and love the game, they certainly gave me a good run for my money). It’s nice to look back on pictures like this and remember learning to do these things, to catch a ball, to ride a bike, and to remember the places that they were done, the parks we know and love as children and then, in the future, introduce our own families to as we pass those skills down the generations.

I hope you like today’s Just One from Greenwich Park in South East London, do scroll through the blog to see other pictures from all over London. If you like what you see and are interested in booking your own photo shoot this summer then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and I’m taking bookings for the summer and up until Christmas.

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