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I’ve been photographing Linda, John and their fantastic children since 2006 and our yearly sessions are always such great fun, I was so thrilled to see them again this summer for a family photography session with their teenage children in Knightsbridge. Over the last eleven years we have had so much fun together and explored so many of London’s parks. We’ve played games and sung songs, climbed trees and jumped off pretty much everything we could find. Each year has brought new ideas and new photographic opportunities.

Now the children are getting older, Tim was waiting for his GCSE results when I saw them, and the sessions are more sedate, finding great locations that we can use to make dramatic pictures that capture the children as they are at this moment before time moves on again. There’s still a fair bit of running – particularly Charlotte who I could see taking this sport to a high level – she’s like a gazelle, running so incredibly fast and making sure to win every race. There was jumping too but no songs this year, long gone are the days of ‘wheels on the bus’ instead a discussion about acappella singing arrangements for Alex’s choir. Hobbies and interests are at the fore as the children grow up and it’s wonderful to hear what they are interested in from military history to Warhammer models.

Today’s shot was one I was looking forward to taking as, last year, Linda had talked about the staircase they would have in their new house. It was amazing and I could see immediately that there would be great photographic potential to take in the sweep of the spiral as a compositional element in a picture of the children. About three floors up was perfect, high enough to really show the architecture but not so high that you can’t see the children properly, and I’m thrilled with this image. I love the way the spiral pulls the eye to the centre of the image where the children smile up at the camera. It’s a striking and graphic image and I’m so pleased with it. I hope you will like it as much as I do, today’s Just One from my recent family photography session with teenagers in Knightsbridge, London.

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