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Family Portrait with Twins on Wimbledon Common – Just One


It rained this morning, oh how it rained. I have been that wet on a photo shoot before but not for a long time. That will teach us to trust the weather forecast and think we had a few hours before the heavens opened and not go back when we realized we had forgotten the umbrella. We didn’t have a few hours, we didn’t have long but the time we had was fantastic.

Arriving very early on Wimbledon Common this morning we were greeted with the most extraordinary light. Low sunlight glistened on the morning dew, illuminating spider webs like thousands of tiny diamonds, it was brief and it was beautiful.

I took this picture of the twins right at the beginning of our family photography session on Wimbledon Common, shooting towards the sun to capture the ethereal glow of the morning light as it wrapped around the children in this soft haze. I love how the sun picks up all the spots of moisture in the background giving such a beautiful dappled effect.

I love how the twins look so happy, beautifully dressed as always in impeccable style and smiling at each other. I love how the sun has caught on their hands, drawing my eye to the tender touch of Ana’s thumb resting so gently on her brothers wrist, so happy in each other’s company.

It’s a beautiful image and I hope you like it as much as I do, today’s Just One from our family photo shoot on Wimbledon Common.

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