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Family Portraiture in Greenwich – Just One – Verity


Sometimes clients will comment that a shot looks as if it has been taken in a studio – a clean background and beautiful lighting. They never have been, but sometimes when out and about there will be a moment where elements fall into place to achieve that look. Today’s just one has that feel with the extreme simplicity of the background, the beautiful lighting, the relaxed pose and the wonderful expression. I really love it and thought it was nice to share something with that feel on the blog today after the action shot of the previous post. I do love the variety of pictures I take and all the different locations my work takes me to.

I can hardly believe that I first photographed Verity as a newborn back in 2006, she has grown into such a wonderful young lady – confident, independent, adventurous and with a great sense of humour, holding her own as the youngest of four children. It’s such a privilege of this job getting to see children grow up and record the changes in photographs.

This shot was taken in Greenwich Park, a place very dear to the family and the scene of many outings as the children grew up. We had been exploring the paths by the deer park and were just thinking about heading home for some more pictures back at the house. Walking back along the path we were all chatting and I was taking photographs as we walked. As Verity walked past one of the openings to the wooded pathways I noticed the background fade to this simple darkness and thought it would make a great contrast. As I prepared to take a shot she turned to her father with this wonderful expression and I knew it was the moment to press the shutter.

I hope you like it, this lovely portrait from our session in Greenwich Park in South London.

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