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Flying Animals, Laughing Child – Family Photography Maida Vale


Without a doubt, the best bit about being a children and family photographer are repeat clients, seeing families on a regular basis and watching children grow up. And so it was with great pleasure that I photographed Laszlo again last week, our sixth annual photo shoot and I think the best one yet!

I first met Laszlo when he was nine months old, we spent a fantastic morning at the family home in Maida Vale and out at Paddington Rec, it’s fun looking back on those pictures as I write this blog and seeing how much he has changed but also how much has stayed the same, that incredibly laugh is just as it was and it’s so fun to see expressions captured in that first photo shoot that are still so typical today. It’s the joy of family photography – recording, over time, what changes and what stays the same. I feel very lucky to have this job.

For our 2016 family photography session this time we went out to nearby Queens Park. It was a fabulous morning, when we arrived the frost was still on the ground and the leaves were incredible, coated in glittering ice. We had a brilliant time playing games and enjoying the playground before heading indoors for hot chocolate and Chelsea buns.

The shot that I have chosen for today’s Just One isn’t from the park, it’s back home, in Laszlo’s bedroom at the end of the shoot. I love photographing children in their bedrooms, their own space has such individuality and it’s lovely to see which toys are the favourites as I return year on year.

This picture was taken in one of the many moments of pure hilarity on this family photo shoot; so much of which was spent laughing our heads off. I love everything about it. I love the energy, the split second timing where the animals are in perfect position. I love Laszlo’s expression of pure joy as he hurls them over at the invaders below and how his hair has shot up with the movement. I love the positioning with Laszlo and the animals central, just above his animal nameplate, and the stars visible on the ceiling above. It’s such a personal picture – by photographing at home this photograph will bring back so many memories of these toys and this room in future days.

I love it most because it makes me laugh and laughter is what I think of when I think of Laszlo, he’s such a fun little boy and I’m already looking forward to our next session in 2017.

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