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Football – Hobbies in Family Photography


I love including everyones favourite activities in my photo shoots

When I first started my family photography business I photographed a lot of toddlers.  I still do that of course, but now I also photograph a lot of teenagers.  I’ve been working as a professional family photographer since 2003, my clients have grown up alongside my growing business and it’s one of the things that gives me greatest pleasure, to see families again and again and see the babies I once photographed become young adults.

I first photographed Thibaut back in 2009 and we have done a number of shoots over the years since then. How much has changed since the early photoshoots and yet, some of the favourite activities have remained the same. Football has certainly been a consistent theme every time we have taken family photographs.

I love how family portraits can capture these interests and remind us that some of our favourite hobbies have grown with us from our earliest days.

It’s also a great challenge for me as a photographer to find new angles and approaches to these hobbies as time goes by.

Here Thibaut shows off his fantastic skills as he headers the ball for a photograph.  I knew it would make a dramatic picture and was keen to get a sense of the movement and the energy in the action.  Thibaut’s hair flies, we can see the wind in his hoodie and even though we can’t see his feet we know he is mid-jump as the ball flies forward from his forehead.

I love images like this, images that are full of action and which also tell us about the subject of the image.  Pictures that tell us about our hobbies when we are teenagers are amazing things to look back on from adulthood.  We can be reminded of the skills we spent such time perfecting whether they are things we still do or not.  I imagine football will always be part of Thibaut’s life and so looking back on images like this one will, I hope, bring a lot of joy in the future.

When you are planning your own family photo session, do spend some time thinking about what it is that your children enjoy most, their hobbies and interests, and then make sure we include those in your pictures to give everyone wonderful memories for the future.