Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Fulham Family Photographer SW6 – Just One


I spent the most wonderful morning in Fulham with these three wonderful children. It’s funny, I’ll not visit a park for ages (my work takes me all over the UK) and then I’ll find I’m there twice in a fortnight, it definitely keeps things interesting. I was so pleased to meet Anne and her children for our photo shoot and we spent a fantastic morning together.

We started off with a trip to the park – it’s always lovely to get out and about and, with such beautiful locations on our doorstep, it made sense to go out and explore. The children had a great time, starting off at the playground for a play on the swings and then moving into Fulham Palace itself for a run around among the trees. Ava had such a great time exploring her tree houses and I loved playing with her among the branches, a perfect spot for photography.

We finished the session with pictures at home and in the garden, playing on the children’s favourite toys, their slide and swing and enjoying all the fun that home can offer. It’s been hard choosing a just one but this picture really leapt out at me. I love how all their personalities shine through.

Ava was such a brilliant big sister, with older brothers myself I’ve always thought a big sister would be cool and she was so much fun, looking after her younger siblings and making sure they were having fun. Here she swung them just the right amount so the boys enjoyed themselves without getting scared. I love how all the children are looking up towards their mum, smiling as they enjoy themselves on the swing while I take pictures.

Pictures like this will, I’m sure, bring back so many memories when the children are older, not of this day with me taking pictures but of this park – around the corner from the family home – where I’m sure they will spend so many days. Here they may play on swings, learn to ride a bike, play football and get to the top of the climbing frame. There may be picnics with their family and parties with their friends and I hope shots like this will make them think of the places and the people who make their childhood wonderful, what more could you hope for in a photograph.

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