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Fun Family Shot with Five Children


Big Families are Always Such Fun to Photograph

I’ve always really enjoyed photographing big family groups.  With three older brothers myself I find the dynamics of large families to be so much fun. I love to watch the interactions between siblings, how the younger ones look up to the older ones and are, in turn, looked after and protected.  I love how siblings always know how to make each other laugh and I love the thought that these pictures will be as precious to these children, and young adults, as they get older as the pictures of me and my brothers are to me.  It’s a wonderful feeling to look back and laugh and to see the love of your siblings reflected back from a picture in front of you.

I was lucky enough to meet Kat and her family last year.  She had been given my name by my friend, the talented London wedding photographer Jez Dickson, and got in touch to arrange a photo shoot in West London.

We had a brilliant time and the pictures were a huge success, so I was thrilled to be invited back this year to update the family album and create some new images for the family to enjoy. This time we were joined by grandparents too which is always a joy.

I chose this image for my sneak preview from the shoot as I love the energy of the image.  Everyone is having such a great time and you can feel the movement as the older children pick up the younger ones for a slightly different take on a traditional group shot.  The laughter is infectious, it makes me smile just to look at it.

I also love the connection in the picture, the clear sense of a family unit as everyone is connected through hands and arms, it works so well.  Matching smiles, infectious laughter, energy and spontaneity, a feeling of connection and love.  What more can you ask for from a photograph?

If you are thinking of booking a session for your family this autumn then do get in touch, things are getting incredibly booked up and I’ll be closing my books for October and November soon.  I still have a few dates available though so please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.