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Fun Portrait Photograph of Triplets on Hampstead Heath


Photographing triplets is such great fun! I’m a great believer in letting chaos reign in a family photography session and this is one of the reasons I enjoy photographing big families so much – lots of children tends to equal lots of chaos. When Dominic first contacted me back in 2014 to photograph his family when they were on vacation in London I jumped at the chance – eight-month-old triplets sounded like just the kind of challenge I thrive on. We had a brilliant session and so it really made my day when Dominic contacted me again this year – the family would be visiting London and he was keen to update the family photograph album.

I was really looking forward to the session and I was not disappointed. Barely through the door I was greeted by three excited little boys ‘come play with us, come and play’, I barely had my shoes off before starting a game of hide and seek. Multi-tasking I got my cameras out of the bag while booming ‘Fi, Fie, Fo, Fum… coming, ready or not!’ – truly, the perfect start to a day and a photo shoot.

Looking through the pictures as I edit this family photo shoot with triplets it’s hard to choose a favourite for my sneak peek as there are so many shots that I love. Being a triplet seems to be being part of a sea of limbs, a tangle of small bodies in an ocean of love. The bonds that bind are so strong and the energy levels so high (and then so low when everyone gets tired and needs carrying at the same time, quite a workout for very strong parents!) It must be such a wonderful way to grow up.

I have chosen this image as my Just One because I love how it’s a triple portrait and also an action shot, all three boys having a whale of a time playing in the leaves on Hampstead Heath in the wonderful low autumn light – this really is a magical time of year for family photographs. I love how the boys echo each other, their arms almost in a Mexican wave, going up, coming down, as the leaves are thrown. The smiles are universal, joy and happiness as they play together as a family, triplet boys, brothers and best friends; I can only imagine what amazing adventures they will have together.

I hope you like it, if this is the kind of relaxed portrait picture you would like for your own family then do get in touch, the autumn is very busy but we do have a few slots left before Christmas.

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