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Portrait of Girls Having a Pillow Fight – Just One


I always love images that tell a story, pictures that are full of action where we wonder ‘what will happen next’ and I think that is definitely the case with this fabulous shot from my recent family photography session with Emma and her beautiful family in Notting Hill in West London. This was my sixth shoot with Emma and it’s been such a pleasure to watch the girls grow up and getting to know the family as time has gone by.

We always have such a brilliant time and I had been really looking forward to our session. The forecast was terrible so Emma and I had communicated during the week to work out a plan for a wet weather session. It’s not a problem if it rains on photo shoot day but it does slightly alter how we go about things so it’s always good to make sure we have lots of exciting activities to keep us entertained.

As I usually do we started the session with a couple of shots of the children together, it’s always good to get something under our belts early on so we can then see how the morning develops. We had bought the girls upstairs to this amazing window seat and started taking pictures with them looking towards the camera. As always happens games develop and much more interesting pictures take over. It wasn’t long before the girls were having a fantastic time flipping cushions up in the air with their feet and sending them sailing towards each other.

I love how this picture captures them mid-game with the pillow mid-air. Rosalind reminds me of a circus performer, her cushion suspended above her feet in mid flight. Hannah laughs uproariously, finding the game so much fun. It’s a lovely moment, both girls engaged in the game, both having so much fun, and both completely oblivious to me and my camera, recording this moment for posterity.

I love how we aren’t sure what will happen next, which way is the cushion travelling. Will Rosalind kick it up and back towards her younger sister or will it fall, we will never know and that’s the magic of this picture. It’s an image that makes us wonder and also makes us laugh, an image that shows these hilarious and loving sisters engaged in such a fun game, an image that tells us about them as a portrait photograph should.

I hope you like it as much as I do, this recent picture of two sisters from our family portrait photography session in Notting Hill in West London

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