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Greenwich and Blackheath Family Photographer – Just One


I recently had the pleasure of my second family photo shoot with Levison, meeting at his home in Blackheath and then heading to my favourite park in London, Greenwich Park, a wonderful spot for family pictures. I’d been really looking forward to our photo shoot as our session last year had been so much fun. We’d had a brilliant time and I’d enjoyed talking to his parents Kelly and Thierry so much, it was one of my favourite sessions of 2016. Our session this summer was equally great fun and I’m thrilled to be sharing a sneak preview with you today.

It feels that the summer has rushed past even faster than normal this year, I can hardly believe it’s almost September now, but it’s been a year of wonderful photo shoots. For my session with Levison and his parents we had beautiful soft light, grey days are often my favorites for summer photo shoots, as the light is so flattering, perfect for portraits.

We headed out from the beautiful house in Blackheath and walked to the park. It was lovely to be up and about really early and I’m always so thrilled to visit Blackheath, my childhood home. Levison was in a fabulous mood, full of energy and excited to be going to the park. It was hard to persuade him to let us push him in his buggy but conserving energy and increasing the speed of travel meant we got to the park where we could run around much quicker.

We explored the park thoroughly and enjoyed so many wonderful activities from feeding the ducks (well, mainly feeding Levison but he did give a few scraps of crusts to the hungry birds), climbing trees, chasing bubbles even walking down the hill to the playground, it was all such fun. Then, on the way back up from Greenwich I suggested the Secret Garden. I have vivid memories of my first visit to the secret garden as a child, I was with a friend and we had a picnic there with cheese sandwiches (funny what you remember). It wasn’t a place we had gone to much as a family but since then I’ve always loved it’s peace and tranquility and we had it pretty much to ourselves, well us and the squirrels which were an endless source of fascination.

It was in the Secret Garden that I took this picture, today’s Just One, and I absolutely love it. Levison is such a handsome young man and has the kind of smile that lights up a room. On the day of our photo shoot he was very keen to take his bear with him wherever he went and so, when exploring the garden it was important that Bear was just as intrepid as he was. Taking a break to have a seat on the wall the two friends look so happy together, in some ways so grown up sitting so nicely and in others reminding us how little Levison is – the scale of the teddy bear reminding us that this smashing little boy is only just two years old and really very little.

For me, every thing comes together in this image. A lovely portrait but with so much character, so much personality and all the little details adding to the whole. I love the fact that Bear is sitting so nicely, Levison’s incredibly smile and his little fingers clutched together in pure joy, the tones of the image and the beautiful light all come together to produce something magical. I feel it’s a beautiful portrait and I hope you will like it as much as I do, today’s Just One from my recent family portrait photography session in Blackheath and Greenwich.

If you like this portrait and others on my website and would like to have your family photographed this autumn then do get in touch. Autumn dates book up very fast and it would be great to get you into the diary.

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