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Just One – Arthur and Honor – Greenwich children’s photography


I love this children’s portrait photography shot of Arthur and Honor taken recently in Greenwich Park, London SE10. We were spending some time in the flower garden taking portraits of the children and, as always, I found myself gravitating to the amazing trees in that area of the park. I love the trees there – they have such beautiful light and are fabulous for climbing. Generations and generations of families must have enjoyed them – I know I did as a child.

Arthur and Honor had just been climbing for a while and we were taking a few minutes out to relax and chat. I was photographing as we talked and as I walked, I tweaked the composition shot-after-shot. I’m so pleased with this image – I love the massive sweep of the branch across the shot and the fact that it feels like it is encircling the children like a massive protective arm. Your eye is drawn into the image from the bottom right by the patches of sunlight on the ground, then to the children – so cosy together – laughing at a joke, and then finally up and round with the enormous tree branch. I love how the children are sitting in the patch of sunlight, which makes me think of summer mornings and the never-ending holidays of childhood.

I love this shot from our children portrait photography session in Greenwich park and I hope you will like it too.

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