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Just One – Loukas – Hampstead children’s photographer NW3


I really love this rather enigmatic portrait from my children and family photo shoot with Loukas on Hampstead Heath in North London. Since moving to Crouch End, I’ve really enjoyed exploring more of North London for my children and family photography and more frequent visits to Hampstead Heath have been a real treat. I’m almost fit enough to run there as my half marathon training picks up, then I will become a real expert. In the meantime, it’s still a really wonderful voyage of discovery for me each time I visit Hampstead Heath – I still don’t know my way around the wooded paths, the expanses of grass and the amazing ponds and that makes for a really fabulous time exploring as a children and family photographer. I love new places!

This portrait really sums up the day for me – it’s very cool, a bit mysterious and with more than a hint of drama, something that I think will really appeal to Loukas who told me it is his ambition to be a performer and who loves to sing, dance and act.

I love the light on this shot – the illumination on the side of the tree trunk and the highlights on Loukas,which makes for a really strong composition. I love how the shot is divided into the light half and the dark with the bright sky and the band of the small branch on the right hand side mirroring the dark band of Loukas’ panama hat (isn’t that the coolest hat for a seven year old ever?). I love the replaying triangles, the light on the wood in the foreground, the dark area on the right and the light/dark division on the shot from bottom left to top right corners.

It’s an unusual portrait of a child and I love it all the more for that. It is, for me, a shot about potential, about the future, and above all, a shot in which Loukas looks super cool, which is always a great thing in a children’s portrait photography!

I hope you enjoy this preview ‘Just One’ image from my family photo shoot on Hampstead Heath in North London NW3 and be sure to check back on the photoblog soon for some more images from our morning together.

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