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Just One – Holland Park children and baby photographer


Today’s ‘Just One’ preview image is an incredibly tender moment from a baby and child photography session in Holland Park, West London W11. I love everything about this picture – it’s such a simple photograph in so many ways, but sometimes that is what makes something special. A picture that doesn’t rely on complicated composition or spectacular lighting; a picture that has few elements but each are perfectly matched to create to a wonderful whole.

I love this moment between the brothers – the baby’s intense gaze to the camera and his big brother’s tender kiss. The lovely soft lighting and the delicate shallow depth of field all give the image an almost painterly quality.

It’s a moment that could have been taken at any time – the soft background and the lack of bright fashionable clothing gives it a totally timeless feel. I love it.

I do hope you also like this child and baby portrait from a recent family photography session in Holland Park, West London W11.

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