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Interior Design in Newborn Photography


Your home, your style, your pictures.

One of my favourite things about photographing newborn babies in their homes is being able to incorporate the interior design into my pictures.  So many of my clients have put such a lot of effort into their homes and I’m in awe of many of the incredible interiors I’m lucky enough to work in.  That skill of choosing the design for a feature wall or the perfect placement of a pot plant is one that I’ve never developed but one that I admire so much in others, I love to incorporate these interiors into my newborn baby portraiture.

When I’m photographing families in their homes then using these design elements in the composition of my photographs is a real joy and this was definitely the case for this lovely newborn baby session in London recently.

I’ll often move around a house when I’m photographing newborns, partly to keep things interesting for the family and to get variety in light and background but also because it gives me the chance to experiment and to really see the opportunities that the house has to offer with regard to interior design.  It’s only by looking that you see the possibilities and I love to create visually interesting and heartfelt images for the families I work with.

This picture has such an intimate feel, looking in from the landing at this wonderful family, so tender together on the bed looking down at their beautiful newborn baby, it makes such a lovely portrait photograph. From my vantage point outside the bedroom I’m also able to incorporate the wonderful decorative heart hung on the wall and this makes the picture complete.

Balancing the newborn baby and family photographed in their bedroom with this heart on the other side of the photograph is a visual reminder of what it’s all about: love, family, connection.  From a graphic point of view the echo and repeat and from a subject point of view they echo and repeat, both sides of the picture show love. It could be the title of the picture, it’s everything we need to say.

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