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Just One – children’s portrait photography in Islington, North London


Today’s Just One preview is from my third children’s and family photography session with Debbie and her wonderful family at their beautiful home in Islington, North London. I always look forward to my photo shoots with Debbie as they have always been such fun, and this time was no exception. We had such a lovely time taking portrait photographs at their home in Islington, out and about at a nearby garden square, and then at Highbury Fields – a place that the family visit a lot, and where the girls had a brilliant time in the playground.

As always with my sessions, I like to start nice and early, and so visiting Debbie in nearby Islington was an added bonus, as I was able to have a lovely lie-in at home in Crouch End and still arrive nice and early to take advantage of the beautiful morning light, the empty parks, and the children full of energy after a long night’s sleep. We started our morning visiting the local parks, but this photograph was captured very near the end of our shoot and I just love it.

We had come home from the park after a fun morning, and the girls were keen to have a few pictures taken in their favourite dresses – a recent gift, and clearly very special. We went upstairs to Debbie’s bedroom as it had the most beautiful light and a lovely spot for the girls to have a bit of a jump around – I do love photographing children jumping on the bed! But, before we let chaos descend completely, I captured this lovely portrait photograph of the two sisters together, and it’s a real favourite from the day. I love everything about it – the two girls instinctively lying so close together, best friends as well as sisters, with such big grins as they thought about the gymnastics to come as they had been given permission to jump on the bed, ‘just this once’. There’s nothing like a super special treat to get a super special expression!

I hope you like it too, today’s Just One preview image from our recent children’s and family portrait photography session in Islington, North London N1.

We still have a few dates available during the May half-term holiday, so do contact us if you would like to arrange your own family photography session – we’d love to hear from you.

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