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Just One – Jude and Saqer – Kensington and Chelsea children’s photographer


I love photographs with a sense of movement and so when the children’s eyes lit-up upon spotting a carousel outside the playground in Kensington Gardens during our family portrait session, I was as enthusiastic as they were that they should have a ride. I love a carousel – the beautiful decorations, so vibrant in colour and also so incredibly graphic in black and white are just wonderful. The same horses that must have been delighting children for generations and generations, and they are also great fun for capturing children and family photographs.

I was thrilled with this shot of Jude and Saqer and knew as I was taking it that the chances were high it would feature on the blog as our ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s photo shoot in Kensington and Chelsea. The children on the horse together are so lovely – Jude so protective of her little brother who is holding on very tight. This was certainly his first time without being held by an adult, if not even his first time on the carousel at all. Jude, though, is a pro – grinning from ear-to-ear, looking as if she might burst with glee.

I’m really pleased by how I captured the moment – as the horse moves upwards through the shot, you can almost feel the movement which has been captured using the technique of panning (moving the camera as the picture is taken with a slow shutter speed so the children are sharp and the rest of the carousel is blurred with movement). I constantly strive as a photographer to capture interesting images on my photo shoots, working hard to master difficult techniques to bring my imagery out of the ordinary. I love how the curves in this images are repeated – the curve at the top where we can see the central element of the carousel, the semi-circular movement of the main horse coming in from the right and, the other horses disappearing out of the frame on the left. Even the curve of Jude’s beautiful full skirt and her massive grin mirrors this exactly, and adds to the feel of balance and unity in this shot.

I’m thrilled with this image and I hope you will enjoy this ‘Just One’ preview image from our children’s and family photography session in Kensington and Chelsea in West London, W14. I shall be sharing some more images on the blog soon, do visit again and take a look.

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