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Just One – Hannah and Rosalind – Kensington photographer of children and families


‘Peek-a-boo, I see you!’ I just love this shot from my recent children and family photography session with Emma and her family in Kensington, West London W11. I love the joy on the children’s faces and how you can really feel that they are sharing the moment together, the joke of hiding from the grown ups. It makes me laugh out loud to look at it.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Emma and her family in Kensington three times now and it’s always such a pleasure to go back. I love seeing how families grow and how the children’s personalities develop. This year, our shoot was all about imaginative play – Hannah had recently discovered the TV show ‘Ben and Holly’ and so spent much of the morning clutching (and then sadly loosing) her little Holly toy, while Rosalind’s imagination was amazing – finding sticks, running a shop (with the sticks), and making-up games with leaves. I wonder if she will be a famous author when she grows up, as the stories she weaved around the environment and the things that she found were incredible.

So this shot, my ‘Just One’ preview image, was captured during the early part of our family photography session in Kensington Gardens. We were playing around the trees (while Emma had gone on a quest for the lost Holly toy) and the girls were hiding from Mike and I. I love a game of hide and seek – it’s lovely when the children hide together with their sense of shared excitement, the quiet giggling but always, always the peeking to see if the adults are coming, and in Hannah’s case, just coming out for a quick look – just wonderful!

I love this photograph and I hope you will too from our children and family photography session in Kensington, West London W11

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