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Just One – Lauren, Alex and Julian – Knightsbridge children’s photographer


I first met Joanna eight years ago when she asked me to visit the family in Knightsbridge to photograph her two children, Lauren and Alex. We had the most amazing time photographing in the Bolton gardens, the children running around, chasing bubbles, laughing and joking.

We had such a great time that Joanna asked me back only a few weeks later when her third child Julian was only a few days old so we could take some pictures to send the family as Christmas presents. A yearly tradition was born and every year since then I have visited Joanna at her beautiful Knightsbridge home for an annual children’s portrait photography session. We’ve taken pictures at home on rainy days, we’ve visited almost all the great London parks and have captured a really lovely photographic record of the children over the years which now adorns Joanna’s beautiful home.

This year, we decided to visit Hyde Park with the children to spend a couple of hours taking pictures and updating the lovely record we have of the children growing up – they are certainly very grown-up now, so different from those early days of bubble chasing.

This picture, my Just One preview image from our children and teenager photography session in Knightsbridge and Kensington, jumped out at me as I began processing. I love the expressions on the children’s faces – their relaxed, happy grins as they hang out together, just the type of picture that gladdens the heart of any parent of teenagers. A picture that shows that special bond between siblings, the shared jokes, the fun they have together.

I hope you like this image from our child and teenager photography session in Knightsbridge. Be sure to check the blog again soon for some more pictures from this fabulous photo session.

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