Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

The Love of Parents for their New Baby


It’s a privilege to photograph babies in their first few days

There will always be, for me, a sense of wonder when photographing newborn babies and their families.  There is a magic in the newness, an excitement at the possibilities that span ahead and feel like they can fill the world.  We look at these tiny babies, these little people so new to the world and wonder, what will they become? how will they fill their days? will they change the world? what will make them laugh? Newborn babies are the hope for the future and it’s a privilege for me to be invited into my client’s homes to take pictures that record these early days for them.

When photographing newborns I’m keen to take pictures that show the all-encompassing love – the adoration of parents for their newborn child.  I love to see the way parents look at their tiny children, as if they could stare at them forever, breathing them in, totally focused on them and their togetherness as a family.  It’s wonderful to look at and inspiring to photograph.

I also feel it’s incredibly important for newborn pictures to have a natural feel.   I avoid props and elaborate poses and outfits.  I want the children in the pictures to love the images as much as their parents do and, importantly, to look back on them with pride as adults.  I want them to hang in their halls when they have homes of their own and be images they share with their own children in the future.  I believe that images like this are important, they visually remind us of the love between family members which is one of the most amazing gifts we can have.

I have so many lovely shots from this recent session that it has been hard to choose a favourite, but I think this is a particularly beautiful shot and it contains all the elements that speak to me in a picture.  There’s connection, there’s emotion, there’s beautiful light (the master bedroom was glorious with big windows and soft net curtains that provided this amazing backlit effect).  It all comes together in a lovely natural family photograph that will, I hope, be treasured by the whole family for many years to come.

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