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Just One – Lazlo – Maida Vale children’s portrait photographer


This was my third shoot with Elke, Peter, Lazlo and Uncle Robin, and I was really looking forward to visiting them at their new Maida Vale home in West London for our children’s and family photo session. All our sessions have been wonderful and so I knew I would be in for a treat. Lazlo is one of the happiest children I have come across – as Elke said, ‘his default setting is cheerful!’ – and he’s such a pleasure to be around. Our sessions are always so relaxed and such fun, creating interesting pictures at home, or out and about. Last year we even went to a museum! You can follow these links to see more photos from our previous shoots at the Kensington museums and also at home in Maida Vale.

The sun was shining when I arrived and so we made the most of it with a trip to Regent’s Park. Beautiful Winter sunshine was the order of the day, although it was a trifle on the cold side – I’ll be sharing some of those images in a future blog post.

Today though, for our ‘Just One’ preview, this image caught my eye which was taken back home when we had returned to warm up a bit after our morning’s adventures. Elke’s house is wonderful for photography – there is so much natural light bouncing around everywhere from the giant windows, a really incredible space.

This shot really takes advantage of that, capturing the movement as Peter plays with Lazlo. I shot from a low angle to minimise the distractions in the background and used the shapes of the room’s architecture to mirror the action on the picture. The image is one big pyramid shape, from the two bottom corners with the walls and the ceiling drawing our eye towards Peter and Lazlo and that wonderful, wonderful look of joy on their faces. I love it everything about it, down to the fact that Lazlo’s feet are together, toes pointing for the perfect upward trajectory.

I hope you like it too, today’s Just One preview image from our children and family photography session in Maida Vale, West London W9

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