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Monochrome Child Portraiture in Regents Park – Just One


I love to provide my clients with lots of variety to their pictures when I’m photographing their children. My work is best known for my creative compositions, my stunning use of light and location and how I create pictures that capture a moment and really utilize the landscape whether urban or rural to great effect.

I also, of course, take a lot of beautiful close up portraits and these are universally popular with my clients. Everyone wants a stunning portrait of their children, one that really captures their personality and shows just how they look at this time.

It’s with that in mind that I chose to share this wonderful monochrome portrait of Myles as my Just One today, a picture taken in Regents Park in North London as part of our family photography session.

We had a fantastic time and Myles whizzed around the park moving from one fast mode of transport to another – roller blades, bike, skateboard, we used them all and he weaved between the families out walking with enviable skill. This shot was taken towards the end of our shoot when we had stopped for a drink and were then about to head home, we were chatting and Myles, always inquisitive, was asking technical questions about exactly how my camera worked, some of which (particularly on the technicalities of autofocus) were rather over my head. It’s great when children are so inquisitive and writing this has reminded me I had promised myself I would find the answers to those questions so I know for next time I am asked.

Its a lovely portrait and I hope you like it as much as I do – today’s Just one from our family photography session in Regents Park.

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