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Just One – Holly – mother and baby portrait photography in Surrey


There are moments on a photo shoot when I see something so incredibly cute that it melts my heart. I also know that I need to capture it in a photograph, as it’s an image that the family will treasure forever. This picture of baby Holly, taken at the end of our family photo shoot in Surrey when she was tired but snuggly, is just the type of baby portrait photograph that I love – Holly is so cosy on her mummy Sarah's shoulders, and giving such a lovely smile of happiness and contentment.

Images like this cut to the heart of what I want to achieve as a children's and family photographer – it's a quiet image that is all about the relationship between mother and daughter, and it's these moments that are so precious to record. One of the many lovely things about the way that my photography sessions work is that we have such a variety of images, from posed pictures of everyone looking at the camera, to images of excitement and fun, and then these quiet moments of snuggles and calm. I aim to capture all these different elements of childhood, all equally important in my family photography sessions.

It's lovely to have this variety of pictures and images that will remind my clients of so many different moments, from the laugher of a baby being tickled, to the joy of having their baby snuggled and close, warm and safe and loved beyond measure. This image reminds me of how it felt to carry my niece and nephew on my shoulders when they were this age, and how hilarious they found it to hold my ears and that lovely snuggly feeling as they might slowly fall asleep, their head on my head. I'm sure that Sarah will have similar memories looking at this picture with baby Holly and I hope it will always bring a smile to the whole family when they look at it, a happy smile like Holly's in this image.

I do hope you like it too, today's Just One preview image from my recent baby and family photography session in Surrey.

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