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Natural and Beautiful Newborn Photography in Kensington


I was so thrilled to visit Alex and Alina in Kensington to photograph their beautiful newborn daughter. Alex had been given my name by a mutual friend and it’s always such a pleasure visiting people who are friends of friends, I know I’m going to have a great time. We spent the most wonderful morning together taking family photographs and portraits of beautiful baby Amelia.

It’s been so hard to choose a Just One from this session, there are so many great pictures but I keep finding myself drawn back to this picture as I just love everything about it, I find it mesmerizing.

When I’m photographing families I’m looking for these authentic moments where emotions and relationships are so clear to see, there are no distractions of props or poses, it’s a real moment. I try to keep my newborn sessions as relaxed as possible, allowing the family to just be themselves, and take pictures that will bring back so many memories of this incredible time in their lives.

This is a picture that is all about love, the look on Alina’s face, as she looks at her daughter, it’s love in it’s purest form and Alex, so content, so peaceful, his wife and baby in his arms. It’s a quiet moment, a beautiful moment, a real moment and I hope Alex and Alina love it as much as I do.

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