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Just One – natural newborn baby photography


Today I’m thrilled to share this beautiful, natural newborn baby photograph of the incredibly cute Alexander Arturo Thomas, the newborn son of my dear friends Emma and Luca.

I’ve known Emma and Luca for a long time, since we studied for our MPhil in Medieval History together at Cambridge University. We had a great time spending late evenings in the library pouring over fascinating texts, sitting exams for which we were allowed to take in our own magnifying glasses (I kid you not) and many happy evenings spent eating good food and drinking the occasional beer while discussing every aspect of the Crusades. Since then we have stayed firm friends and I was so thrilled to hear that Emma and Luca were expecting a baby boy, and that he was due on my birthday!

Alexander arrived a little late and so it was only last week that I visited to capture some family photographs for Emma and Luca, pictures that capture Alexander when he is so little and the joy and happiness in the family.

I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it. I love Emma and Luca’s expressions – they are so happy and proud, and baby Alexander is smiling as he basks in his parents’ love. I love the tenderness of the image, which is cropped close for an intimate feel, as we can just see Emma’s finger gently stroking Alexander’s head and Luca’s hand, protectively holding his son.

This image is everything that I aim to capture in a newborn baby photograph – it is a natural, beautiful image that has captured real emotion in a timeless fashion, and I know everyone will treasure this picture in years to come.

I hope you enjoy it too and do contact us if you would like to arrange a natural newborn baby portrait for your own family, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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