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Natural Style Newborn Photography in London


The joy of meeting the newest member of the family for a newborn photography session

If there is one thing more joyful than visiting a family at their home to photograph their newborn baby, it’s visiting a family I already know to photograph their newborn baby in my natural style.  It’s such a pleasure to see my wonderful client’s families grow and to meet their newest arrivals.

I first met Dom and Lizzie back in 2016 when baby Edie was just a few days old and so I was thrilled to hear from them last year that a new baby was due just before Christmas. This week I visited the family at their London home to photograph their newborn baby son and his two doting older sisters in a fantastic family photography session.

We had a brilliant time!

I find it absolutely fascinating to watch how older children interact with their new baby sibling – the mixture of absolute fascination, slight wariness, and occasionally complete disinterest, veering from the need to hold and touch to being completely absorbed with a doll or book rather than the new arrival.

It makes for such a fun photo shoot too as there is always something going on, from a sleeping baby to the boisterous games of the older children.

Baby Theo was amazing, a chilled-out third child he slept happily through being prodded by his elder sisters and then when he woke up looking around himself happily with an incredibly focused gaze, wonderfully content in his parent’s arms.

With Christmas fast approaching and an imminent deadline of ‘getting a few pictures to send out with the cards’ it’s a slightly extended ‘Just One’ today but it’s still been so hard to narrow down a choice of pictures to share here on the blog.  I wanted to include a family shot, something with the children together and, of course, a portrait or two of baby Theo all taken in my natural style of newborn photography.

These are some of my favourites from the shoot, I love them all for different reasons.  The family shot I love the reality of it, all the different personalities shining through.  Florence, boisterous and so excited, she was similarly thrilled to be in front of the camera on our last session.  Edie, more serious here, holding her baby brother’s hand and looking at him so intently.  And Dom and Lizzie, looking with such love and tenderness at their children as the family enjoy themselves on the sofa.

I love the picture of the girls together, the older children so totally focused on their baby brother, everyone connected, Florence’s arms encircling Theo in such a protective way as Edie leans in to take his tiny fingers in hers.  It’s such a tender moment.

The portraits – awake and asleep – have such different feelings and moods.  It’s always great to ensure variety in my newborn photography work, real moments, real expressions and a lovely selection of images for my clients to choose from.  In the sleeping shot we can see a little smile playing on Theo’s lips and he snuggles so contentedly.  In the awake shot his eyes go straight to the camera and we get a glimpse of the personality to come.  I can’t wait to see the family again in a year or so and see how everyone is doing and how these amazing children are growing up.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from my recent London newborn photography session.  If you would like to find out more about my natural style newborn photography, then do take a look at the website or have a read of my handy guide to newborn photography at home.