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Newborn and Family Photography in Kensington – Just One – Edie


It is a huge privilege to be asked to photograph families, and this is particularly true when it’s for a newborn session because it means taking the first family photos with the new baby. It’s an incredibly special time, and the shots that I take will be looked back on for years to come as the children grow.

I love images that tell a story and show all the different personalities involved, and it’s for this reason that I have chosen this image for my Just One from a recent newborn photography session in Kensington. It’s such a natural family moment – I’m thrilled with the expressions and how they tell us so much about this lovely family.

Florence, in her new role as ‘big sister’, is caught in such an energetic pose, stealing the show as she engages her parents in the story she is telling. I love the gestures of her hands, what is she counting? Perhaps baby Edie’s fingers and toes? She’s clearly so delighted to be there, snug in her daddy’s arms and with her new baby sister on her lap. I can only begin to imagine all the fun they will have together as they grow up – siblings are the best thing ever!

There is no mistaking the love on Dom and Lizzie’s faces when they look at their family – pride and happiness as they look at their children. They’re completely absorbed in Florence’s chatter and I blend into the background as I quietly photograph this natural family moment.

I love how this picture tells a story, how we see different personalities as they are now, and how we can look forward to the possibilities of the future. It tells of this special time, the wonder and excitement of these early days in baby Edie’s life and we can see how lucky she is to have such a family around her.

I hope you like it as much as I do, and I look forward to sharing some more images soon from this recent family and newborn photography session in Kensington.

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