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Newborn and Family Photography in Barnes SW13 – Just One


What makes a family photograph special? I think it’s capturing a unique relationship and the love between parents and children, and between siblings. I’m very pleased with this image, which I think captures all these things.

Anne-Marie contacted me earlier in the summer to arrange a session for when her new baby arrived and I’d been really looking forward to it, especially after I discovered she was a friend of my cousin and his wife – a small world! I knew we’d have a brilliant time taking newborn and family photographs at her home in Barnes.

Baby Hugo arrived on schedule and our session went ahead as arranged. With newborn shoots there’s always flexibility to move them forward or back if your baby is early or late but it’s best to get something in the diary before the birth as otherwise those first few weeks fly by in a daze and we miss the chance for all the lovely snoozy shots. If you are thinking of a newborn shoot and are unsure of how it all works. do contact me and I’ll fill you in with all the information you need.

But back to our session. I arrived early to find everyone in great spirits. Anne-Marie’s daughter was shy at first, but within minutes was aching to get involved, showing off her baby brother for a few pictures before we even got as far as breakfast! Be prepared I always say. Sometimes the most magical shots come within moments of walking through the door. We have some lovely shots of the children together from those first few minutes which I will share next time. It’s always fun to get the suspense going!

Then breakfast for everyone and the session properly began. We had a great time taking pictures in different rooms and making sure to get a selection of images of the children, family shots and beautiful pictures of Hugo. The pictures really capture this time that passes by so quickly, when he is a tiny baby. Even now, a week later, as I write this blog post he will have grown so much.

The shot I’m sharing today, my just one, is a family shot that I absolutely love. I took a whole sequence of shots of the family sitting in the window and all are beautifully light and capture such sweet moments. This is, I think, my favourite. I love the peace of it, the look of bliss on everyone’s faces as the family are joined by a kiss. Could you get a more lovely moment, everyone joined by the holding hands? The parents’ head and the line down from Anne-Marie’s hair through Hugo’s arms and then back to the top of James’ head describe a perfect heart shape. I’d pretend that was intentional, but I think it was just luck, or possibly the brain taking on things subconsciously, which is the luck borne of practice and experience. Either way, I couldn’t be happier with this shot and I hope you will love it too, today’s just one from my newborn and family photography session in Barnes.

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